Comprehensive marketing analysis provides all the necessary information for making decisions on business growth

  • overall sales increase
  • searching for and building new sales channels
  • sales efficiency improvement
  • product presentation tailored to the target audience
  • assortment policy
  • increased site conversion
  • increasing the conversion of contextual and targeted advertising
  • sales process automation
  • customer service development
Business development
  • search for business development points and new directions
  • introduction of a new product or business to the market
  • search for promising market niches
  • company's competitiveness improvement
  • target audience analysis, programme development
  • advertising for each audience group
  • different From Competitors
  • formation of a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • developing a strategy to promote a company or product
Increasing the effectiveness of contextual advertising

The field of activity of the company: federal sales of building materials

Budget 100 000 rubles.

Price per click before Comprehensive marketing analysis Clicks 13,2 rubles.

Price per click after Comprehensive marketing analysis Impressions 8,80 rubles.

Efficiency 200%

alt Conversion CTR Clicks Impressions Page browsing depth
The results:

The company has more than doubled the effectiveness of contextual advertising while maintaining the amount of the advertising budget. This was due to the use of the following tools:

  • deeper study of target groups of customers
  • the unique trading offer for each of the groups
  • analysis of users' behavioral factors on the site, improvement of usability and change of content.
Search for new sales channels and business development options

The field of activity of the company: production of salads

The situation in the company before Comprehensive marketing analysis:

The company had 42 retail stores of its own, with production loaded at less than 30%. Further expansion of the retail network due to the specifics of the business was inefficient, the owners of the company were considering the option of developing the business through a franchise.

Information obtained as a result of Comprehensive marketing analysis:

A comprehensive marketing analysis has shown that the use of a franchise in this business will not solve the problem of production load and will require significant investments. At the same time, information was obtained on alternative business development options, the most attractive of which was the B2B segment. «Akula» company held preliminary negotiations with potential partners, during which the information was confirmed. After that, the format of work in this segment was thought out and a package of necessary supporting documentation was prepared.

alt Production loading Number of outlets Geography of presence Settlements To KMA After KMA
The results:

At the moment, the client has solved the problem with production load, is actively developing the B2B business, and has planned to develop a new sales format, which was also obtained as part of a comprehensive marketing analysis.

Introduction of a new product to the market

The field of activity of the company: food delivery

The situation in the company before comprehensive marketing analysis:

At the time of contacting us, the Customer had a business model, the shop was in the process of being equipped with equipment and was actively preparing for the launch on the market. It was necessary to collect general information on the market for the formation of a unique trade offer, target audience, to prepare a promotion program and a package of information materials.

In the course of the work, market information was collected and a unique selling proposition (USP) was developed

A search and detailed description of the target audience was carried out, including the nucleus of the audience, as well as its classification into groups

A programme to promote each of the target groups

Handouts and accompanying materials have been developed for customers

4 focus groups were conducted to test product quality, service and logistics

Based on the information received, important adjustments were made to business processes

The results:

As a result, by the time of entering the market, the Customer had developed business processes, logistics, production, as well as the promotion program and the entire package of information materials. All this allowed minimizing the risks of the initial stage of service launch and in the shortest possible time to reach the required number of sales.

Cost and timing

Calculated individually depending on the client's tasks, area of activity and other factors

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